Training Workshop Series

The Joyful Horse Workshops will cover training theory and techniques that will help you nurture and train happy, healthy and productive horses.

The syllabus includes the basics of Relationship Training,
the fundamentals of dressage and the techniques of Natural Horsemanship to improve your horse’s natural abilities
and fulfill his ultimate potential.

A Joyful Horse:
Understands boundaries
Trusts and respects humans
Looks for the right answer
Doesn’t panic and fight pressure
Feels secure in their environment
Handles change without stress
Has NO self-destructive behavior
Does not live in fear and anxiety
Has a relaxed and attentive state of mind
Able to safely socialize with other horses
Playful but easily quieted
Responsive but not reactive.

Learn the “when, how and why”, NOT just the “what to do”.
Teach your horse in a sequential
and logical approach to learning
based on Balance and Communication.

The Workshops will include:
Lecture and demonstrations
question/answer sessions
one-on-one work with each participant/horse
Group discussion during individual sessions

$80/day for participants (if you pre-register $60/day)
$30 for auditing (questions allowed)

Workshops are 9am-5pm. Please arrive between 8 & 8:30am to register.  Bring your lunch so we can maximize our time.

You can find a map to the Balance Point Equestrian Center here:

Call for more information and to reserve your slot. (512) 718-4088
To pre-register, mail checks to Rachel Steen, 245 E. Clearview Cem. Rd., Bastrop TX, 78602

Although it is a series that will delve into greater details as we go along, you will be able to attend workshops out of order and not get lost.

The series is designed to help participants absorb and understand how to make each session with their horse a positive learning experience – whatever you are working on. Obviously, each workshop will cover different training exercises, but the same training principles.

When the workshop is on a Saturday, people are invited to stay overnight and do private lessons on that Sunday (and vice versa, private lesson Saturday, workshop Sunday).

You are welcome to bring your own horse to the workshops, or use one of the horses here for the training exercises. No matter what level of training you are working on, we have horses suitable to work with.

If you wish to audit a Workshop, you will be able to watch and participate in group discussions, but not actually participate in the hands-on exercises. Due to time constraints, I can only have 8 participating students per day, so auditing is a great way to include people without making the clinic painfully long (over 8 hours is painfully long no matter how much fun you are having).

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