Training Trail Rides

Before hitting the trails, it is important to check your ability to communicate and connect with your horse through groundwork and arena work. It is also important that with proper training, your horse has developed balance and muscle-tone to deal with any obstacles or terrain you may encounter on the trail. Trail riding is the practical application of all the work you’ve done with your horse, it can be relaxing and fun, or deadly. Our training trail rides are done with a focus on safety and establishing good practices for future outings.

WadeMimiOn a training trail ride, the emphasis is on paying attention to your horse, and doing only what is best for them. After students reach competency on the trail, I help them find suitable “trail buddies” so they can have a friend to trail ride with outside of a lesson environment.

mountaingroup3Web26kFor more advanced students, cross-country trips are the perfect way to put your schooling to the test. Past trips have included mountain wilderness trails in New Mexico and California, or beach trips to South Padre or the California coast.

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