Training the Driving Horse

Lessons and Training for Horse and Driver


Carriage driving can be a fun and exciting activity for both horse and human.


The Classical training of riding horses includes long-lining/ ground-driving, so teaching a horse to pull a carriage is not far from the path to teaching a horse to accept a rider.


Many people seem to pursue driving as a way to enjoy working with horses even though they may not be a top-level rider. Driving is however, even more dangerous than riding horses since there is more equipment to break down and it is more difficult to dismount from a carriage (and more serious consequences) than falling from a horse’s back. Carriage driving is not a sport to pursue if you looking for an “easy” sport.AprilValDressageWalk2

RosieUsHavenHill For people looking for a way to involve their significant other in their horse dream, or for someone who enjoys a good challenge, driving offers great opportunities.rosieGround

The Balance Point offers lessons in all aspects of preparing you and your horse to safely drive. We also have a variety of horses with different levels of driving experience for students to use in lessons.Dreamer_steven11_14esperaCarriagemeAliyaPlumCreek

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