Success Through Harmony

Throughout the various equestrian disciplines, there is one constant – the partnership between horse and rider. Whether you are barrel racing, eventing or trail riding, your success is defined by your horse’s performance. Is your horse going to give you everything he’s got, or is he going to expend as little energy as possible and hope you get tired of asking?

True riding success is based upon a harmonious relationship between horse and rider. Harmony should exist between horse and rider just as it exists between partners dancing, in the orchestration of a symphony, or in the singing of a choir. In harmony you join together with another to make a beautiful whole. The blending of the unique parts to make a complete unit creates a simple and astounding beauty.
It is pure joy to interact with another knowing that you each have your part to play, that your boundaries will be respected, and that you flow together with a unity of purpose. This joy is waiting to be discovered in our relationships with our horses.

Humans and horses each have their weaknesses, but when joined together in harmony, only their strengths and beauty show. The power and exhilaration of this relationship can carry you through tragedies and radiate into your relationships with others. It is a life changing experience to commit to harmony, but one that will never be tainted by regret.

The Work of Awareness

There are many books and videos available that give you step-by-step instructions for horse-training, but these techniques, if done without understanding can be misinterpreted or overdone. Without knowing the “why”, it is impossible to know “when” to do “what”.

Successful training begins with yourself. Take time to examine your motives behind your actions to help you act instead of merely reacting. If you allow a change of perspective for a moment, the relationship between you and your horse can be unraveled and rewoven into a beautiful tapestry of joy and harmony.

Many people believe that good relationships and partnerships just happen. These people don’t feel that they should have to work at their relationships. However, it takes work to maintain clear communication, develop respect and remember to always thank our partner for their effort even in the most trying of situations.

We must work to establish and maintain a healthy relationship until the work does not seem like ‘work’ anymore, but simply a part of living. It seems like work in the beginning because it takes a great deal more energy to develop and maintain the level of self awareness needed to balance our own emotions to ensure that we do not become reactive in our relationships.

The effort we put into building and maintaining a healthy and positive partnership is worth every moment spent–the rewards are seen throughout your entire life.

Finding Balance

Consistency and balance create the ability for partners to flow in harmony. Rhythm is necessary so that it is possible to sync energies and coordinate movement. Without rhythm horse and rider would work against each other, there could be no order and no harmony. Everything would be haphazard.

Balance denotes the point where the synced energies can be maintained. It is the point where it is possible to flow together effortlessly.

An Exploration of Harmony & Horses