The Balance Point

HerdRun08Keeping a horse happy and healthy involves good nutrition, balanced movement, freedom from constant pain, playtime with a social family, and giving the horse structure and security in their life.

At the Balance Point Equestrian Learning Center, we teach people about holistic horse-keeping as well as helping them work and play with their horses in a low stress environment to maximize their learning and their partnership.  We help horses and humans establish clear communication and building a partnership of trust and respect so they can enjoy working together in Joyful Horsemanship.

Our 40 acre facility provides the foundation for our holistic equine rehabilitation, training and educational programs —a safe landing spot for the horses to begin their rehabilitation. Over the years, the Balance Point has become a sanctuary for both horse and human.

McKinney-RoughsThe Balance Point Equestrian Learning Center is located 6 miles South of historic downtown Bastrop (Texas). Bastrop is known for its Pine forests, lush rolling hills, and the meandering Colorado River.

The Balance Point Equestrian Learning Center is just 25 minutes from the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, 15 minutes from McKinney Roughs Equestrian Park, and about an hour from the Equestrian trails at Lake Sommerville. We are surrounded by some of the best riding trails in Texas!

Training areas include an outdoor dressage arena and round pen which typically remain usable throughout the worst rainy weather, and acres of hills and pasture to ride & drive along the creek.

Evidence of Native American hunting camps can be found throughout the property, and on weekends, students can visit with the archeologists working on their dig next to the arena. It is a great learning experience for children and adults.

Arrangements can be made to spend the night on the ranch in the Carriage House, a rebuilt log cabin from the original Clearview Settlement.

downHill_webHorses in residence at the Balance Point are individually fed “up the hill” in the barn, and enjoy turnout on the lower part of the ranch (25 acres of coastal pastures and pecan trees).

6741While the horses are not allowed down in the creek, humans can enjoy jumping in the spring fed swimming hole after a hot summer ride.


The Balance Point is a full service equestrian center offering riding and driving instruction, horse rehabilitation programs, horse training, weekend clinics, and boarding for students’ horses.

An Exploration of Harmony & Horses