A Refuge for Horse & Human

The Ranch at the Balance Point

field0508 Archeological findings show that the native pecan trees and spring fed creek have made this property an ideal place to live for the past 6000 years.

After years of hard work, we can enjoy looking out over the green grass pastures.DowntheHill

The main residence overlooks the pastures along the pecan bottom.downHill0508b

There is lots of room for carriage driving events.

IMG_8828 drivingTrails drivingtrail2We are conweb_cabin0906bstantly working on adding more riding and driving trails around the ranch.

The old log cabin has become our centerpiece for the ranch.

We have a large dressage arena (70ft x 200ft) that overlooks the creek.bluffLookout

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An Exploration of Harmony & Horses