Joyful Horsemanship

Training the Joyful Horse

There are as many horse training methods as there are horse trainers, and many can even achieve quick results. The question remains though, what happens when the horse goes home again?

When a horse is rushed through training, it’s like cramming for a test. All you end up with is a stressed out pupil who does not retain half of what they were “taught”. Real learning takes time and patience. Most doctors spend more than 60 days getting their PH.D!

At the Balance Point Equestrian Learning Center, the focus is on teaching horse and human to work together in harmony through the understanding of balance. The founder and head trainer of the Balance Point Equestrian Learning Center is Rachel Steen, a lifelong horsewoman with a wide range of equestrian experiences. Rachel teaches students to make learning easy for their horse, and to utilize a horse’s natural desire to find “the right answer”.

By enabling horses to realize they are capable of all tasks asked and that there is a reward of appreciation at the end of each task, they will become willing partners rather than prisoners of their rider’s will.

Rachel integrates positive reinforcement training  and the gymnastics of classical dressage to achieve a happy and healthy partnership between horse and human.

The Balance Point offers training and instruction for horses and riders (or drivers) of all ages and disciplines. With a well-laid foundation, both horse and rider can easily move from the trails to the show ring. Our goal is life-long learning and a lasting partnership between horse and rider.

Photo of Rachel Steen and Major Sport Twist. 1992

Training: a Personal Journey

People expect automatic answers. Get in the car, turn on the engine and go. If the car doesn’t start, call someone to fix it. We want someone to fix it for us. Fix everything for us. The bottom line is that we are the beginning and end to any problem that arises. The buck stops here.

Some problems are so large that we need help to get through them. We may receive support and guidance to help us navigate through the tangle, but it is up to us to be the driving force of change. We will find answers to our problems after we have given up making excuses. Things are the way they are. Accept that you are at the beginning of your road and go from there. If you spend all your time lamenting that you are where you are, it will only mean that you stay there longer. And if you deny that you are where you are, then how can you choose the right road to get where you want to be?


An Exploration of Harmony & Horses