Horse Shows 2017

The Balance Point will be putting on a practice show, Saturday, February 25th, for riders and drivers of all levels.  This is a great low-key event for anyone who hasn’t shown before as well as for those with experience to practice their dressage tests and get feedback.

For beginners, we will be going over preparing for shows, what to expect, as well as tips for doing your best on show day.   SIGN UP NOW for the BP Practice Show.  Entries after February 14th will not be guaranteed a spot.Driving & Riding students of all levels are welcome to attend.

The cost to participate at this show is $60 (2-3 classes/tests per person).  Experienced volunteers can get a $20 discount for working at least 2 hours helping with the show jobs.


April 1st will be an offsite horse show (ridden dressage) at the nearby, Austin Equestrian Center. This show will be bigger, but still a schooling show. The cost to attend offsite horse shows is $100 per rider plus $60 for hauling, and then the show fees paid to CTDS who is putting on the show (usually $25-$75 depending on the show).

Taking riders to off site shows is very costly for us, so anyone signing up must pay a $100 deposit to hold their spot on the trailer. These shows are generally all day affairs, and we won’t be able to leave until every rider has gotten to do their classes.  We help you prep the horses (& yourself) the days before the show, body work on the horses after the show, coaching at shows, schooling at shows before your class, horse supervision all day at the show, and of course just being there and available to answer questions and help each student with whatever they might need assistance with.

There will be another schooling show about an hour away on May 6th.  These shows fill up fast, so we will have to get you signed up a month ahead of time.

Between Feb 11 and April 1st we will have two off site schooling dates at Austin Equestrian Center. We will plan these around when the riders signed up for April 1st can attend, so please sign up as soon as possible! These off site schooling dates are very important. They allow riders to practice in the show environment without the stress of the actual show. It also helps the horses acclimate to the different farm, which generally helps them do better on the day of the show. Riders can expect to be gone 2-3 hours. Cost is $15 to Austin Equestrian center, $60 for hauling and $60 to the Balance Point for coaching.

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